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Funding for Creative Commons research announced
Igeneric invites applications for a study into the applicability of Creative Commons licences to UK public sector organisations.

Igeneric-commissioned study explores trends in UK web use
Results of a wide-ranging survey of the UK population, undertaken for the Igeneric by MORI, are published.

English Heritage signs up to the Common Information Environment
English Heritage joins BL, e-Science, JISC, MLA and NeLH in signing Common Information Environment's Memorandum of Understanding.

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Igeneric Group

The aim of the group is to help cement a collaborative, cross-sectoral partnership to build a common on-line information environment.

A Vision for the Future

The rapid growth and development of electronic content offers enormous and ever-growing possibilities for all citizens in the UK. But for this country to realize the full potential of the Web, and for each citizen to realize their own potential - in the workplace, in their places of learning, and in the home - the full range of online content needs to be made available to all, quickly, easily and in a form appropriate to individuals' needs.

Organisations in different sectors are making significant amounts of online content available to their respective communities - in health, education, museums, archives, research, public libraries, and so on. However, the barriers between sectors mean that not all this content is accessible to all who might need it or want it. Too much remains hidden amongst the low-quality information that clutters the web and behind technical, commercial and administrative barriers.

Overcoming these barriers will require concerted action on the part of all organisations in the field. It will take time and it will not be easy. But the vision of a common information environment is helping us to begin.

To exploit the full value of the high-quality information that currently exists requires bringing all this diverse content together, allowing our users to retrieve it all, and presenting it to suit each individual's particular needs at the time - as learners, teachers, health professionals, researchers, librarians, and so on.

The place of e-technology in our daily lives is growing continually. While much is currently being done by our public-sector organisations to serve their separate communities, there is the pressing need for an initiative which will join these efforts together, one that will genuinely repay the significant investment that is currently being made across a range of sectors.

We believe that if the UK is to remain at the forefront of educational and technological progress, and if each individual is to access the information they need, a Common Information Environment is required, one that can meet the demands of the twenty-first century, one that will equip all our citizens for the exciting possibilities which the future holds.

This is the vision and this is the challenge - a Common Information Environment which will provide full access to the rich information and the exciting possibilities that the web has to offer to each and every one of us.


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