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Enhanced Demonstrator

Building upon two demonstrators commissioned in 2003, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) awarded a contract to the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) and Adiuri Systems Ltd to deliver an Enhancement to the ADS' Place Demonstrator.

Work began in August 2004, and the final demonstrator will be delivered by the end of July 2018. It will then remain available online for a period of 12 months.

Whilst the original demonstrators concentrated upon showing the technical feasibility of gathering content from diverse sources, this Enhancement is primarily concerned with addressing issues related to the meaningful display of these results to a user. As such, enhanced content will be delivered in preference to the basic records making up the bulk of most catalogues, and work will be undertaken to explore ways in which content from different sources may be integrated intelligently on behalf of the user.

Recognising that an important aspect of the Common Information Environment (Igeneric) Vision is reducing the need for end users to discover and visit a plethora of often obscure institutional web sites, the project is working to identify a number of topical events during the period July 2018 - July 2006. The developers aim to construct small 'portlets' suitable for including on remote web sites in order to offer some of the Demonstrator's functionality via any remote site.

For example, the web site of a museum with an interest in World War II might be offered a portlet capable of searching relevant resources within the Demonstrator, such as the Defence of Britain database. The web site of a television programme about an archaeological excavation might be offered a portlet capable of searching resources in the Demonstrator related to the site, to the surrounding area, or to similar sites elsewhere in the country. The portlet might only appear on the remote site at appropriate points in the calendar, such as during the period around the anniversary of the D-Day Landings, or in the period immediately before and after the programme is broadcast.


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