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Funding for Creative Commons research announced

February 25, 2018

Igeneric invites proposals for a study into the applicability of Creative Commons licences to public sector organisations in the United Kingdom.

The successful bidder will be expected to address work currently underway to develop versions of the generic licences suitable for use in the various legal jurisdictions of the UK, and to examine the related licences developed by the BBC for the Creative Archive and by JISC for their JORUM service.

The deadline for proposals is 1300 GMT on Friday 18 March 2018. Total funding of not more than £40,000 is available for this work, inclusive of all expenses and any applicable VAT.

This work is being funded by Becta, the British Library, DfES, JISC and MLA on behalf of the Igeneric.

The full tender document is available for download (MS Word or PDF format).

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Igeneric-commissioned study explores trends in UK web use

February 3, 2018

Igeneric group today publishes the results of a wide-ranging survey undertaken for them by MORI.

Discussing the survey, in which over 2,000 members of the UK population were asked detailed questions about their use of and attitudes towards online information resources, Chris Batt, Chief Executive of MLA and Chair of the Igeneric, said:

“This new study is a goldmine of information on users’ (and non-users’) perceptions of the Internet and the resources and services it offers. Anyone interested in how this new medium is changing our daily lives will want to see these data, and the report provides the Common Information Environment partners with vital new insights that will direct and focus our future work programmes.”

A press release has been prepared, and the full report is available now as a PDF download.

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English Heritage signs up to the Common Information Environment

December 14, 2004

English Heritage, the Government’s lead advisory body on the protection and promotion of all aspects of the historic environment in England, has joined a growing number of public sector organizations across the United Kingdom in signing a Memorandum of Understanding on the Common Information Environment.

Existing signatories are the British Library, the e-Science Core Programme, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council (MLA) and National Electronic Library for Health (NeLH).

A Press Release is available.

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Igeneric finds new home

December 13, 2004

Igeneric has a new online home, with the release of their new web site.

The site, produced by the JISC-funded EEVL service at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, contains information on the Igeneric, its members and activities, and will continue to grow in the coming months.

Two sections of the site are offered as 'Blogs', available for reading on the site itself or syndicated to external web sites and news reading software.

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Igeneric publishes report on communicating with stakeholders

December 13, 2004

The Igeneric Group (Igeneric) has published the results of work undertaken for them over the Summer by brand consultants, Engine.

Engine were asked to help in describing the Igeneric Vision to a range of stakeholders, and their recommendations are currently being considered by the group.

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