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Describing the Igeneric Vision

July 23, 2004

Igeneric partners have commissioned Engine to work with us on articulating the Vision and benefits of the Common Information Environment. We will be working with a team from Engine over the next few months, with a view to developing concepts and analogies appropriate to imparting key elements of the Vision quickly and compellingly to a diverse range of audiences. I guess that’s the end of the Digital Aquifer, then.

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Demonstrating the Igeneric Vision

July 23, 2004

Igeneric partners have commissioned the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) and Adiuri Systems to enhance an earlier proof-of-concept demonstrator, with a view to building a rich and compelling illustration of what might be possible in a world where content and services from diverse sources are offered up in a meaningful and structured fashion to the user. The broader Vision of the Common Information Environment is not, of course, restricted either to Place-based information or to information just from the Past. It was, however, felt that the unique combination of skills and content on offer here would result in a compelling demonstration of what is possible both with this type of information and more generally. Work begins 1 August 2004.

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