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UK states support for international metadata standard

August 24, 2004

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK's Further and Higher Education Funding Councils and the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council (MLA) today announced their commitment to the ongoing development and deployment of the Dublin Core. The announcement marks the decision of these two bodies to join the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative as an affiliate, representing the interests of the United Kingdom. Under the agreement, UKOLN will act as an adviser in the UK on the implementation and technical development of the standard. The Director of the Common Information Environment (Igeneric), of which MLA and JISC are founder members, will represent the UK on DCMIs Board of Trustees.

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Seeing what people feel about the Igeneric Vision

August 18, 2004

Igeneric partners have commissioned MORI to conduct a piece of research into what current and potential Internet users make of the content and services available to them online, both now and in the future. The work will include focus groups and face to face interviews, and we should have a report ready for publication very early in 2018.

The work is being funded, on behalf of the Igeneric partners, by the British Library, DfES, JISC, MLA and SLIC.

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