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Two Igeneric Newsfeeds are available in a variety of formats:

Syndication Help

What does "Syndicate this site" actually mean?
When offered for syndication, content on a web site has the potential to be discovered and used in a wide range of contexts; it is no longer restricted to only being available to people who choose to visit the Common Information Environment web site.

The Igeneric Thoughts and Igeneric News areas of this site are available for syndication, allowing those who are interested to include this content within their own web sites or to read it using a newsfeed reader program. In both cases, the content viewed will automatically update as and when this site changes.

How do I read syndicated content?
Rather than individually checking a number of weblogs or web sites, a newsfeed reader can be used to gather all of the latest items from a number of sites for you. This allows you to quickly scan a large number of sites without having to go and visit each one individually.

Several newsfeed readers are available including:

How do I know if a site provides Syndication?
Usually sites include a graphic that says RSS or XML (e.g. XML Logo) and include a link that says "Syndicate this site". You can find the address for the site's RSS feed by clicking on the graphic or links. Unless you are using one of the more intelligent newsfeed readers, this is likely to display the raw code in your web browser, but don't worry if this happens. To use the feed simply copy the URL of this page and use it to subscribe to the site in your newsfeed reader.

What is RSS?
RSS can stand for 'Rich Site Summary', 'RDF Site Summary' or 'Really Simple Syndication' depending on whom you ask and which version they are speaking about. Put simply RSS is a format for easily sharing content on the web. RSS feeds commonly comprise things such as news items, job adverts, or marketing communications although almost any list of information can be suitable. RSS is an XML-based format.

More Information on Syndication and RSS



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