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BBC and Creative Commons...

May 27, 2004

A couple of places have been covering the news that the BBC's exciting new Creative Archive will use a Creative Commons licence to cover who (most people) can do what (quite a lot, really) with the material (audio-visual snippets from the BBC's vast archive).

This is a great step because, as the article says, the licence explains how the content can be used rather than coming from the usual direction of saying what you're not allowed to do.

I wonder what scope there might be for slotting some of the stuff into the Igeneric's upcoming demonstrator...?

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The UK has a Head of e-Government...

May 25, 2004

It's Ian Watmore, currently UK Managing Director at Accenture.

Ian takes up post in September, when he replaces the current e-Envoy, Andrew Pinder. In anticipation of this change, the existing Office of the e-Envoy will begin transforming itself into the new e-Government Unit from next week.

Information from a Cabinet Office Press Release.

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Mobile and landline phone convergence

May 18, 2004

The Register today reports on a join-up between BT and Vodafone which, if it works, will mean that we can have one phone number and have calls automatically directed to our BT phone when we're near it, or to our mobile when we're not.

Interesting idea. It's called Project Bluephone, but it's not clear whether the system uses Bluetooth-type magic or some less technological approach such as simply diverting calls to your mobile if you don't answer your BT phone...

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More Igeneric publicity...

May 1, 2004

I've just had a short piece published in the April edition of Ariadne.

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